Full Length Playwriting Contest

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Script Submission Deadline:  May 7
Scripts by mail must be postmarked before this date
Auditions:  June 4 - 5
Sunday & Monday, 7:00pm
Performances:  June 30 - July 2
Friday & Saturday, 8:00pm / Sunday, 2:00pm / Tickets $10 at the door
A little background on Surfside's Playwriting Contest:
In 1999, Burton Green, a local lawyer and president of Surfside at that time, asked Arlan Ropp for ideas for a summer production.  And with that the Playwriting Contest was born.  As a community theatre supporting the performing arts, it was thought some writers whose plays were produced by Playwrights Workshop could benefit from an outlet for longer plays. Some of these playwrights expanded short plays into longer plays.  Searching other playwriting contests, most from colleges and universities, Surfside came up with some rules and it was suggested that the contest  be limited to local writers and that the deadline should be on a Sunday.  Over the years the original purpose, concept and ideas have served Surfside well.  The theatre usually gets 8 to 10 scripts, and we have had as few as 3 and as many as 13.  Three judges with theater experience in acting, directing and, if possible, teaching are selected to review and choose the winner of the contest.  Judges don't know who wrote each play, and their selection of the winning play is independently evaluated and counted by the theatre so there is concrete evidence of the judges rankings.  If there are a lot of scripts, the theatre asks the judges to rank and pick their top five.  The theatre assigns a director who casts and prepares the winning play for production in early summer.
Surfside thanks all playwrights - past and present - who have contributed to this successful promotion and support of our community theatre.

For general Surfside information call (321) 783-3127, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.