Auditions 2017-2018

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Auditions... Open to all!

Audition dates:  Sunday and Monday at 7:00pm on Opening Weekend of the previous show, unless stated otherwise.
Typical rehearsal times:  Sundays 5pm - 10pm, Mondays - Thursdays 7pm - 10pm.
Not every cast member is called every evening.
Show dates: Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm, Sundays at 2:00pm.
Mainstage ticket prices:  $25 adults; $22 seniors, students, and active military.
For more information about auditions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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Deadwood Dick or A Game of Gold Written by Tom Taggart            

Auditions- July 2 & 3 @ 7PM  

Performances August 4 - 13

A laugh a minute melodrama, Deadwood Dick will surprise you at every turn!

Boo, Hiss and Cheer as our cowboy hero thwarts the evil plans of our eccentric "over the top" villains. This bit of Americana is peppered with surprising bits inspired by the likes of Monty Python, Carol Burnett and your favorite sitcoms. 

Here's the dramatization of a bloodthirsty dime novel just like those Grandfather used to read in secret. The lure of the Old West of heroes, of redskins biting the dust, of lily pure maidens and black hearted gamblers, of the never ending "Game of Gold" is still with us. In 1876 Edward L. Wheeler started turning out novels about a Robin Hood of the Black Hills whom he named Deadwood Dick. Overnight Dick became so popular that the series continued for fifteen years. Taking the most exciting situations, the more colorful characters and the most amusing dialogue from these novels, Taggart has fashioned a blood and thunder melodrama. Long lost daughters, stolen gold mines, kidnapped heroines and hairbreadth escapes abound

 Character List

Chet (Bartender) (Male/Adult)     Two Timing bartender who works for Calamity Jane but is a Stooge for Redburn.

Jane (Calamity Jane)

(Female/Adult) Jane owns the saloon. She is a lady that is a cross between Mae West and Annie Oakley
Frankly Johnson

(Male/Adult)     A rough and tumble sensitive cowboy.

Trademark - Mouthy

Dudley Dibbles

(Male/Adult)     A rough and tumble sensitive cowboy.

Trademark -  Englishman

Stocky Dan

(Male/Adult)     A rough and tumble sensitive cowboy.

Trademark – Heavy Set and Strong

Grumpy Gus

(Male/Adult)     A rough and tumble sensitive cowboy.

Trademark – Sour Disposition… Duh

Harry McFawell

(Male/Adult)     A rough and tumble sensitive cowboy.

Trademark – Dirty and Stinky

Squinty Simmons                                            


(Male/Adult)     A rough and tumble sensitive cowboy.

Trademark – Almost Blind

Ned Harris (Handsome Male/ Plays 20 – 35) Our hero and Alter ego, Deadwood Dick
Wild Bill Hickok (Male/ Older)    You know…
Lily Blossom (Female/ Pretty/ Plays 20 – 35) Our heroin!
Rose Blossom (Female/ Pretty/ Plays 20 – 35) Sister to Lilly. They are of the same mold.
Judge Nix (Male or Female/ Older)  The only law in Deadwood.
Josephat Redburn (Male/ Plays 25 – 45) Typical melodrama villain… Only worse.
La Paloma (Female/ Plays 20 – 45) Seductress, Vamp, Man killer but sweet
Pong Ping (Male or Female) Chinaman with an alter ego. Will execute fake karate.
Sheriff Loveless (Male/Older) He gets his man.
Molly Loveless                                                  (Female/Older) Wife of the Sheriff
Teetotal Tessie (Female/Adult) The nemesis of every drinkin man. Temperance Captain
Teetotal Bertha (Female/Adult) A Tessie minion.
Teetotal Gertrude (Female/Adult) A Tessie minion.
Piano Annie or Albert (male or Female/adult) Piano Player with lines

Burlesque Actors                                             


(A four Person Troupe/ Combination of women and men)
The Deputies (Six children, Boys and Girls) Everyone fears them. Hall monitors from Hades