Audition Information

Our season schedule contains the audition and performance dates for our six mainstage shows.  We will post more details at least two weeks in advance of each audition.

Unless otherwise specified on the audition page, auditions are as follows:

  • Auditions are on a Sunday and Monday at 7:00pm.  The doors will open at 6:30.
  • Auditioners only need to attend one day but may attend both.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  No prior experience or resume is required.
  • When you arrive, please fill out an audition form including contact information, prior experience (if any), expected rehearsal conflicts, and desired roles.
  • A prepared piece is not required. 
  • After the two nights of auditions, callbacks will usually not be necessary.
  • Every auditioner will be notified by phone of their result, before the full cast list is announced publicly.
  • Surfside does not precast roles... ever.

Auditions will consist of:

Musicals & Non-Musicals          

Cold readings from the script

Musicals Only                          

Each auditioneer will be taught a 30 second selection of music from the show

Each auditioneer will be taught a15 second dance / staged movement routine

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Robin Hood Thumb

Robin Hood Fractured

A Farce with Music
Written by Bryan Bergeron

Auditions Sunday and Monday, May 5 and 6, 7:00 pm

Maid Marian                     Playing 20s or 30s           Female                Not your typical lady in distress. Cheerful and capable.     

Beatrice                            Playing 40’s to 60s          Female                Marian’s Aunt

Sissy                                Playing 15 – 20                Female                Marion’s Hand maiden

The Sheriff                       Playing 30 to 55               Male                    The heavy, the bad guy , etc     

GILL                                 Playing Adult                    Male                    A real scaredy-cat of a soldier

Hagard                             Playing Adult                    Male                    Another soldier, not so scared but a bit dim

Bits                                   Playing 15 to 25               Non Specific       Another soldier, bossy but really small

Robin Hood                      Playing 20 to 45               Male                    Must look good in tights, yes…from the back too

Much the Millers son        Playing Adult                    Male                    Scientific and Scholarly, Not much common sense

Little John                         Playing Adult                    Male                   Shy and mountainous

Will Scarlet                       Playing Adult                    Male                    Handsome lady’s man (or so he thinks)

Rambo                             Playing Adult                    Female                Warrior / Puts the Kink in the Merry “Men”                                                 

Alan A’Dale                      Playing Adult                    Male                     Narrator , Baritone/Tenor

Friar/Sister Tuck              Playing 30 to 60               Non Specific         Not So Friar Like. Really enjoys his/her food and drink

The Little Tucks               Playing ages 10 – 13       Non Specific         Friar/Sister Tucks in Training

Prince John                      Playing 40 – 50s              Male                    The guy in charge while the kings away, Another bad guy                  

Eldritch                             Playing Adult                   Non Specific        The fool, Court Jester, possibly a spy?      

Queen Eleanor                Playing 60s to 70s           Female                 Prince John’s Mother, Meow!

Master Cruick                  Playing Adult                    Male                     President of the Chamber of Commerce

Mrs Cruick                        Playing Adult                   Female                The wifely Boss of Mr. Cruick

Miller                                Playing Adult                   Non Specific         A Chamber Devote

Skrank                             Playing Adult                    Non Specific        A Local Thief who fits in well with the Chamber gang 

Small Ensemble              All Ages                            Non Specific        Towns People

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